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The Most Important Part Of Hiking

What's more important to a hiker than your feet? Make sure your feet are properly protected with the best boots you can find from Hilo Surplus Store Inc. We sell military tactical boots and regular rubber boots (tan or black) in sizes 3-15.

Water Supplies For Hiking

  • Camo bag water bags

  • Nalgene water bottles (BPA-free) in different sizes

  • Fifty Fifty bottles - stainless steel insulated bottles (they stay hot or cold for 24 hours)

  • Katadyn portable water filters and tablets

  • SteriPEN UV purifiers

We offer law enforcement and military discounts (percentage based on the customer's purchase).

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Various Other Hiking Supplies

  • Walking sticks

  • Hiking sticks

  • Compasses

  • Fire starters (different flints and gas notches)

  • Mountain House freeze-dried food (the best selection on the island!)

  • MRE military meals

  • Mountain Smith hiking sticks

  • Brazos canes and hiking sticks (made from a variety of wood)

  • Waterproofing sprays - for waterproofing your boots or clothing.

  • Thermal underwear - we are one of the only places on the island that sells thermal underwear year-round

  • Ropes and cords

  • Paracords (we offer the biggest selection of paracords in Hilo) and ropes

  • Atwood utility ropes and more

The Best Hiking Gear On The Big Island

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